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Project Description


The customer had several versions of trolling motors but wanted a turnkey motor control head that incorporated the variable speed, forward and reverse, and a battery meter that addressed a perceived need in the product market. Defond, with years of experience with power controls and several versions of battery monitoring devices, was a good fit for the development of a stylish LED display into the control head assembly of this sport fishing trolling motor. Combined with their molding capabilities and complete package solutions, Defond was able to develop and deliver a high DC current, variable speed motor control in a ruggedized package with a built in battery management indicator – all in a complete assembly.


  • High DC Current capabilities
  • Battery monitoring and display capabilities
  • Mechanical packaging and molding capabilities for the marine market

Services Performed

  • Mechanical Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Ruggedized
  • Waterproof


  • Complete motor control head
  • Stylish LED design incorporated into the housing
  • High Current DC motor controller
  • Ruggedized Marine Package

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