Angle Grinder

Certain power tools can create a major safety hazard if not shut off properly before plugging them back into AC power. An angle grinder at full starting torque can become a heavy projectile if not secured properly by the operator. This customer wanted to offer a safer product as well as provide enhanced features such as variable speed, thermal overload protection, and the all-important restart prevention.  A compact, variable select switch control was designed that prevents the motor from restarting when there is loss of power without switching the tool off.

Scope of Work – Angle Grinder

  • Custom designed compact step/thumbwheel speed control for rugged grinder application, featuring restart prevention, soft start, thermal/over-heating shutoff
  • Hardware, mechanical, software design
  • UL, VDE testing and certification
  • Universal motor control experience
  • Compact design – speed/torque precise control with closed loop PID circuit
  • ODM design

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