Project Description


We have developed custom motor control solutions for AC, DC, and BLDC applications for over 30 years. They are designed and manufactured to detailed customer criteria in the appliance, power tool, specialty purpose vehicles, and other industries, typically with HMI, power management, and battery controls as part of the module. We incorporate any and all
of the following:
• PID or open loop control
• Power conditioning
• Variable, fixed, and/or pre-set speed control
• Special features: thermal protection, re-start prevention, etc.
• Battery management
• Integrated HMI, LEDs, and displays
• RFID or other radios/connectivity
• ODM or OEM solutions
• Ruggedized


  • Motor/application matching
  • Variety of performance versus control solution options
  • Cost versus performance
  • Technology migration to BLDC
  • Power/surge protection and/or battery management
  • Customer performance expectations vs. reality
  • Good, Better, Best strategies and design trade-offs

Services Performed

  • Design to customer specifications
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Functional design with mechanical, hardware, and software development
  • Agency testing
  • Performance/life testing


  • Application specific solutions: cost and performance
  • Features incorporated to customer spec
  • Performance driven design at least cost
  • Fully certified/approved agency design and testing

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