Material Handling Custom Keypad

//Material Handling Custom Keypad

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Project Description


This engineering firm needed a custom keypad to replace its existing product used on a commercial Reach/Forklift Truck. The requirements were very demanding including very stringent ergonomic requirements for actuation, severe operating temperature extremes, and product life/actuations. The keypad would be used for industrial cold storage warehousing where the vehicle would go in and out of a -40° F warehouse onto the loading dock that could reach 100° F with high humidity. Based on the daily usage, carpal tunnel syndrome was a concern and 3 million actuations was the common life span.


  • Temperature Shock/Condensation
  • Uniform Actuation Forces measured in ounces
  • High reliability/3M + actuation cycles

Services Performed

  • Mechanical Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Ruggedized
  • Waterproof


  • Long life silicone rubber and snap dome design
  • Extensive temperature shock and actuation cycle testing to achieve requirements
  • Critical haptic design and testing

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