Low Power Wide Network (LPWAN) Remote Sensor

There has been significant development of low power IoT radio modules that are ideal for remote sensing and have very low costs and very low power budgets to expand battery life (remote devices).  These devices pair with our sensing and packaging capabilities.  Several platforms have been developed to adapt to multiple sensing technologies that can be LoRa, Sigfox, or NB-IoT  compatible, including car park and occupancy sensors, water/liquid sensing (flood/leakage), fill sensors for waste bins, temperature sensors for freeze conditions and other applications.

Scope of Work – LPWAN Remote Sensor

  • Addressable
  • Agency testing and IP6X and FCC certifications
  • Hardware, industrial, mechanical design
  • Software development to meet regulatory and customer requirements
  • LION battery management
  • Wireless
  • Housing packaging to meet space and environmental conditions without interfering with antennas
  • Modular housing and PCB design to accommodate multiple sensors and radios
  • Consumer and distribution packaging

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