Project Description


We have executed multiple solutions that incorporate many technologies into a single module. These are both cost-effective and meet demanding design criteria, including visual and touch/feel. They also include multiple input and display types on various technology platforms: analogue/power, digital/microprocessor-based, and/or wireless. We incorporate any and all of the following:
1) Switching: rotary (encoder or switch), slide, pressure sensitive, cap-touch, and/or rocker inputs
2) Feedback: LEDs, displays (LED, OLED, LCD), audible clicks
3) Technologies: AC or DC power switching (includes BLDC), digital signaling (serial – I2C, RS485, MODBUS, etc.), proprietary, CAN/LIN, simple binary
4) Connected: Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, BLE, RF, Ethernet/USB
5) Packaged in a custom molded assembly or drop in module


  • Demanding customer design criteria
  • Combine ergonomics, haptics, and multiple functionality into a single package
  • Cost per function maximized
  • Upfront engineering, development, and tooling schedules

Services Performed

  • Design to customer specifications
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Functional design with software and GUI development
  • Wireless communications development


  • Single, plug-in module
  • Meets aesthetic and all functional requirements
  • Minimized cost per function

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