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Project Description


This customer needed a highly visible, low cost indicator display that worked in conjunction with a fuel level sender to warn operators of a low fuel level. It needed to integrate with the fuel level sender and snap into an existing rocker switch cutout. The customer’s production line assembly required easy installation including a sealed connector header on the display, all for minimal cost.


  • LED output had to be daylight visible in both green and amber
  • Ruggedized construction for outdoor, commercial lawn & garden use
  • Keyed IP67 connector header for multiple variants
  • Control circuitry for fuel level sender had to be incorporated

Services Performed

  • Electrical/hardware design
  • Mechanical design
  • 3 variants differentiated by keyed connector and housing


  • Simple, compact, low cost LED display
  • Able to create multiple variants in a configurable design
  • Snap-in fit and snap-in connector to minimize assembly labor

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