Project Description


America’s oldest motorcycle brand was launching a new concept vehicle. This new version would have 3 wheels and an open cockpit that required a smart switch. Due to the recreational purposes of this specialty vehicle, the HMI solution demanded ruggedness while maintaining consistency with their existing sleek industrial design.


  • The graphics alignment and precision were critical
  • The bezel shape, industrial design and ruggedized finish had to meet the demanding requirements of the
  • Polaris environmental spec for this new vehicle

Services Performed

  • Industrial and Mechanical Design
  • Custom three part graphics with high precision alignment
  • IP67 design and testing
  • UVB 600 hour accelerated Testing


  • Industrial Design of the start switch graphics and bezel matched to the cockpit of the Slingshot
  • Snap dome technology gave them the feel they needed with a high reliability, signal level, low cost switch

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