Project Description


Several of DNA Group’s existing customers had a need for a waterproof USB Charge Port that was rugged enough to install in outdoor vehicles. The charge port needed to be waterproof, dual port and support the latest charging requirements for smart phones and tablets.


  • No specification existed for the requested product.
  • Existing designs on the market were of lower quality and performance.
  • The chargers needed to be rated at least IP66
  • Price must remain relatively low.

Services Performed

DNA Group and SGconn worked with several customers to develop a Standard Specification and test procedure. SGconn and DNA found suppliers able to provide higher performing components than required by USB specification, and still meeting the requirement for rugged environment conditions.


  • DNA Group, SGconn and DNA Asia collaborated to produce at a competitive price a new, higher quality product than anything else on the market.
  • SGconn and DNA launched tooling in July, 2015 in both 12 and 48VDC versions.
  • Leaders in their respective markets, intend to implement the charge port in their platforms.
  • Customers have described the new design as “elegant” and “best on market.”


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