On Tuesday, March 6th, DNA Group hosted Jon Rappaport, Chairman of the USNAP Alliance, for a luncheon seminar on Smart Grid communications. Mr. Rappaport discussed developments enabling Smart Grid Interoperability, including the Modular Communication Interface standard that USNAP co-authored with EPRI. “The diversity of vertical markets, protocols and competition of networks for the transport layer all create a lot of confusion and obstacles to interoperability and plug-and-play. This problem has been solved before – look at the PC. The problem was solved by having a single point of interoperability, a single form factor, where all of these other things can continue to compete, thrive, innovate and ultimately, interoperate. The idea of USNAP was to separate the communications and control module from the device itself, making it easy to be installed in the field.” Mr. Rappaport went on to reveal future plans for the USNAP Alliance and where he sees the Smart Grid market heading.

DNA Group was encouraged with the participation at the Smart Grid event; several DNA Group customers and influential members of the Triangle’s growing Smart Grid community were in attendance. DNA Group designs and manufactures power modules that measure, communicate/control the consumption of electrical energy at the circuit level. Bill Romick, VP of Business Development said, “We are very interested in how USNAP is moving forward with their Modular Communication Interface standard. We believe the luncheon was a success to educate some of our customers and internal staff on the evolution of Smart Grid Interoperability.”