Wise Ally

Wise Ally - DNA Group


Wise Ally International Holdings Limited provides one-stop solutions to global companies with engineering expertise and sophisticated manufacturing facilities. We offer a comprehensive range of services including design and development, co-development, and full turnkey contract manufacturing services of multi-functional modules, electronics assemblies, and finished products. We provide innovative product design optimization and engineering solutions to our customers, showcasing our wide range of value-added services.

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  • Hong Kong HQ, R&D, Engineering
  • Dedicated China Factory
  • Malaysia Factory
  • Cleanroom Manufacturing

Full Service Engineering

  • OEM Contract Manufacturing
  • ODM Design & Manufacturing
  • Joint Development Manufacturing
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Test
  • Precision Electro-Mechanical Design
  • Analog & Digital Electronics Design
  • EMC Pre-Compliance
  • Software Design

Integrated Manufacturing:

  • Traditional Production Line and Lean Cell Manufacturing
  • Toll-Gate Control System
  • Support Customer Needs on PPAP, APQP, IPI
  • Dedicated NPI Workshop

Hong Kong

  • ISO/TS16949
  • FDA Registered
  • ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485