Smart Illumination


//Smart Illumination


DNA Group is an integrated lighting solutions provider specializing in the control and packaging of light. We apply electro-optical technology to deliver complex illumination for architectural networked, cavity, accent and waterproof lighting solutions.

What We Have

We have vertically integrated manufacturing services including in-house design and engineering:

  • Sourcing of LED components that provide the right efficiency and color temperature
  • Design of the electronic control system
  • Thermal design for efficient cooling
  • Lens and optic design
  • Packaging to deliver a complete integrated solution

Our capabilities can be utilized to reproduce the light output of traditional products or develop a design from the ground up. We offer patented optical technology, waterproof design with in-house photometric testing, thermal/optical simulation and rendering.

  • Custom lighting solutions for architectural, cavity and accent lighting
  • IP67 rated products for outdoor and underwater environments
  • Proprietary DMX software
  • Perform simulation and rendering of proposed lighting solutions
  • Reproduce lighting solutions with photometric reverse engineering technology

What We Can Do

Select from the case studies below for an example of how we apply our capabilities and disciplines to deliver integrated solutions.