DNA Group is an integrated solutions provider disciplined in both wired and wireless connectivity. Having supplied interconnect solutions to customers around the globe, we understand the unique dynamics and evolving technology requirements of the marketplace and have the resources, experience and capabilities to source the component you need.

What We Have

We offer a wide range of connectors for commercial and industrial use. Our global resources, advanced technology and industry expertise to continue to develop cutting-edge interconnect solutions and consistently meet the growing needs of our customers.

We have the global resources, apply advanced technologies and possess the industry expertise to deliver cutting-edge interconnect solutions. Our wide range of electro-mechanical connectors addresses commercial and industrial applications. Our wireless solutions range from engineered antenna components to electronic hardware and software required for today’s Internet of Things applications.

Custom Connector Technology Checklist

What We Can Do

Select from the case studies below for an example of how we apply our capabilities and disciplines to deliver integrated solutions.