Water Heater WiFi Display Control

//Water Heater WiFi Display Control
Water Heater WiFi Display Control2020-06-18T10:21:44-04:00

Project Description


This water heater customer needed a partner to develop a good, better, best set of controls for their commercial water heater products. The ‘best’ product would include a display module that incorporated user defined energy saving settings that can be accessed via WiFi/Ethernet. Defond combined their knowledge of the existing controls and other WiFi solutions they have developed to create a unique customer solution.


  • Cost sensitive
  • Required pre-registered WiFi module
  • Integrate LCD display, WiFi, Ethernet, and power control functions
  • GUI development

Services Performed

  • Mechanical design/packaging
  • Integrated display software development
  • GUI development and programming
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity development


  • Complete control solution package with display and connectivity
  • Cost effective
  • Partnered with customer’s engineering team as well as outside WiFi resources

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