Washing Machine & Clothes Dryer LED Drum Lights

Case Study

//Washing Machine & Clothes Dryer LED Drum Lights
Washing Machine & Clothes Dryer LED Drum Lights2018-09-01T05:43:44-04:00

Project Description


A major appliance OEM approached DNA with a need for a washer and dryer lighting solution where light distribution, housing size and the ability to withstand high heat and chemicals were key requirements.


  • Size constraints
  • Lensing/light distribution requirements
  • Ability to withstand heat and chemicals
  • LED Clarity

Services Performed

  • Thermal mounting and heat managment
  • EMS-PCBA design
  • Plastic injection moldings
  • Plastic housing design
  • Spectroradiometric testing
  • In house chemical testing
  • Optics design
  • Simulation & rendering


  • Manufactured a compact lighting solution within budget
  • IP68
  • Optics design eliminated shadows
  • Maintained specific color temperature requirements over broad environment ranges

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