Project Description


This energy meter allows a user to measure the energy consumption of their home appliances.

It monitors the kWh energy usage by transmitting the energy consumption information to a receiver device and allows the user to remote control their appliance from a remote location.


  • Slim and compact design for small appliances

Services Performed

  • Complete design from ID to product launch
  • Hardware and Software Design
  • Wi-Fi and Zigbee development


  • Measure energy usage in kilowatt-hour (kWh)
  • Measure real power (even for non-sinusoidal waveform)
  • Measure power factor (pf)
  • Measure current (A), voltage (V) and wattage (W)
  • Remote and Manual On/Off control
  • Zigbee SE profile( To be compatible with SEP2.0)

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