Project Description


Defond partnered with Nidec, an electric motor control manufacturer/supplier, to provide smarter hair care accessories that support healthier solutions and an improved user experience. Defond incorporated temperature control sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, battery management modules, and a high speed (95,000 RPM) BLDC motor with control board.


  • Defond needed to integrate a closed loop temperature and humidity sensor to give feedback to the heater for temperature control to avoid overheating and damaging hair
  • Multiple components from different sources create supplier challenges

Services Performed

  • Implemented optional Bluetooth function to collect hair data and to display in proprietary mobile app for hair health analysis
  • Incorporated rechargeable battery with charger and management system to eliminate power cords
  • Developed fully integrated actuation switch with PCBA, heat sensors, and motor to offer an easier assembly solution


  • Sensor auto-adjusts hot/cold mode to ensure the temperature does not exceed 150 degrees C
  • Battery pack and management system for cordless charging
  • High speed BLDC motor allows greater air flow while producing less noise
  • One control module from a single source allows for easy and seamless assembly at the production site

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