Rotary Encoder with Step-less Variable Speed Control

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//Rotary Encoder with Step-less Variable Speed Control

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Rotary Encoder with Step-less Variable Speed Control2018-09-01T05:49:03-04:00

Project Description


Many of the counter top appliances are migrating to electronic controls with encoder type selector switches and/or step-less variable speed control. Defond has created a rotary switch base that is easily configurable to accommodate multiple outputs using a PCB with either contacts or resistive substrates or both.


  • Compact design
  • Haptic design for customized variations in encoder ‘feel’
  • PCBA development to accommodate multiple logic/signaling technologies

Services Performed

  • Mechanical design
  • PCB/Hardware design
  • Molding


  • New Encoder Series switch includes:
    • Flexible PCB design for custom features
    • Customized detent-less rotary motion
  • Compact size
  • High Reliability

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