Board-to-Board Connector for Insulin Pen

//Board-to-Board Connector for Insulin Pen

Project Details




Board-to-Board Connector for Insulin Pen2018-09-01T05:34:38-04:00

Project Description


This insulin injection pen meets the safest and highest quality standard in the medical industry. Not only is the entire design done with halogen free (HF) material, but the signal transmission is also secure and kept from any interference.


  • Refined design to meet miniaturization of end  products
  • Balanced withdraw and insertion force
  • Easy to assemble and be durable
  • Minimal resistance for signal and power transmission

Services Performed

  • Collaborative design with customer
  • Designed for manufacturing and friendly to the environment
  • CAE analysis and simulation
  • Automation production and 100% inspection to avoid human errors


  • Lower failure rate for end product assembly
  • Durable due to vibration (e.g., drop to ground)
  • Lower cost for automation

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