Marine Antenna (Mast Antenna)

Case Study

//Marine Antenna (Mast Antenna)
Marine Antenna (Mast Antenna)2018-09-01T05:37:16-04:00

Project Description


One of DNA Asia antenna suppliers is Whayu. Whayu is a professional antenna solutions provider in Taiwan, and a leading supplier of mast antennas for marine applications.


  • Ruggedized antenna design
  • All Bands – AM/FM, HF/SSB, VHF, UHF, AIS, CB, GPS, Cellular

Services Performed

  • Expert in BTS and Military antenna products
  • Full Band cellular (2G, 3G, 4G LTE)
  • Electrical and mechanical design expertise
  • Prototype, development and testing expertise


  • 10~500 Watts peak power capacity (5000 W for customization)
  • Single band/Dual band/Quad band
  • 1~0 Meter length products
  • Highly reliable antenna to survive the most rigorous environment
  • Factory direct pricing

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