Project Description


There has been significant development of low power IoT radio modules ideal for remote sensing that have very low costs and very low power budgets. These are ideal devices to pair with our sensing and packaging capabilities. We have developed several platforms to adapt to multiple sensing technology that can be LoRa, Sigfox, or NB-IOT compatible, including car park and occupancy sensors, water/liquid sensing (flood/leakage), fill sensors for waste bins/other, temperature sensors for freeze conditions, etc.


  • Radio selection, testing, and certification
  • Housing packaging to meet space and environmental conditions without interfering with antennas
  • Sensor selection and mounting
  • Adaptable hardware/software design to multiple sensing and signaling requirements
  • Software development to meet regulatory and customer requirements
  • Power budget design to extend battery life (remote devices)

Services Performed

  • Mechanical packaging, hardware, and software
  • Certification testing
  • Consumer and or distribution packaging
  • Co-development with network software provider


  • Modular housing and PCB design to accommodate multiple sensors and radios
  • Cost effective and power efficient design
  • Ruggedized enclosure

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