Light Electric Vehicle Connector and Battery Pack Assembly

Case Study

Light Electric Vehicle Connector and Battery Pack Assembly2019-08-14T10:25:51-04:00

Project Description


A world leading provider of battery packs needed help in assembling complete battery modules.


  • Lithium Ion cells require individual testing for performance and matching before being grouped in packs
  • Required both charge and discharge functions

Services Performed

  • Acquired our own cell testing/matching system to meet the challenge, as well as developed an assembly line complete with spot welding to bond batteries electrically
  • Designed special dual purpose connectors to serve both charge and discharge functions


  • The packs assembled into sourced housings along with our specially developed connectors, producing completed battery packs ready to be installed on bikes
  • Customer received waterproof connectors and cable solutions for the charge/discharge of the E-bike battery pack and charger

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