iDevices Switch & Socket Box Builds

//iDevices Switch & Socket Box Builds
iDevices Switch & Socket Box Builds2018-09-26T09:36:12+00:00

Project Description


This OEM customer needed a partner to complete the hardware design, LED/illumination aesthetics, and the product consumer packaging, as well as to build the product. Wise Ally picked up the design work from the customer, completed the mechanical package, including the light bar and illuminating ring, and created the POS packaging for mass marketing and online sales.


  • Completion of the mechanical packaging to fit all electronics plus power switching into very small footprint
  • Manufacturability due to the complexity and compact design constraints
  • Consumer packaging to meet online shipping requirements

Services Performed

  • LED illumination/light guide design to meet visual requirements while reducing LED costs
  • UL testing
  • Mechanical and hardware design to completion


  • Stylish product design with complex internal components to provide wireless functionality with 120V line switching capabilities
  • UL listed component
  • Convenient and rugged external packaging for retail and online shopping

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