Project Description


Our customer's product development team was challenged with creating two variations of the same appliance for two retail channels. Each model needed to be distinct from the other while also be designed for manufacturability and share components to reduce assembly costs.


  • Customer HMI projects required both a variable speed control in one application and multiple fixed speed settings in another
  • End product was marketed at an entry price point and cost was a major consideration
  • Compact design was required for countertop appliance and needed to use the same housing in both applications

Services Performed

  • Customized HMI control settings provided customer both an infinite variable rotary and a five detent fixed speed application using variations of the same switch
  • Advanced regulatory testing and agency support with customer accelerated time to market
  • Worked with customer engineering team to optimize assembly time and differentiate the models to reduce confusion


  • Customer was able to share the appliance housing for both projects, reducing manufacturing costs and time to market
  • Simple installation into housing at customer plant and customized connection to prevent installation errors in manufacturing further reduced customer costs
  • Customer was able to provide two distinct products customized to their channel partner needs while sharing a majority of components

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