Project Description


A major OEM in the floor care appliance market was seeking a custom solenoid operated valve design to control the application of liquid in a new appliance design.


  • Required UL component recognition
  • Low cost
  • Capacity demand exceed 20,000 pieces per week
  • 125 VAC operation

Services Performed

  • Engineering development to select plunger and seal materials and design
  • Magnetic circuit design to achieve specific force and power consumption
  • Developed two valve design for gravity (1 ATM)and for pressure (2 Bar)
  • Mechanical components and Tooling Design
  • Over-molding to achieve environmental requirements


  • Delivered function samples and completed development in 3 months
  • Achieved electrical and function performance requirements with prototype tools
  • Achieved production start in less than 6 months, with less than 1,000 PPM
  • Field population has exceeded 15 million pieces

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