Project Description


Customer needed a high power, variable speed rotary switch to create a new product in the market. Working with the customer, they identified a complete harness assembly with a bagger interlock switch and power plug pigtail that can be dropped into their blower assembly, saving cost in their production process. The triac was separated from the switch assembly to provide a lower cost heat sink design. The customer and Defond collaborated on the design and UL approval. Even with the long lead time of the component purchase process, we were able to shorten the production launch cycle.


  • High Power/Heat dissipation
  • Short Product Launch cycle
  • Complete harness assembly

Services Performed

  • Mechanical Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Agency Testing
  • Overmolding
  • Ruggedized


  • New Rotary Switch Design
  • High Power
  • Complete Harness Assembly
  • Shortened Product Launch Cycle

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