Custom Cable Assembly for Waterproof Camera

//Custom Cable Assembly for Waterproof Camera

Project Details




Custom Cable Assembly for Waterproof Camera2018-09-01T05:38:38-04:00

Project Description


DNAA worked with a large OEM of action cameras who was experiencing quality problems with their current vendor.


  • Bubbles formed after the gluing process, which caused problems with creating a waterproof seal.
  • A poor seal allowed water to ingress the electronics of the camera and malfunction.
  • Plastic shell strain relief was poor and damaged the cable.

Services Performed

  • DNAA supplier made adjustments to the customer’s existing cable assembly and plastic housing.


  • The defect rate was significantly reduced due to an improvement made to the housing, and the supplier was able to provide a cost savings to the customer.
  • A proper seal was introduced and the cable assembly meets IP67 testing standards.
  • Doubled the plastic shell strain relief to 16.15 kg.

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