Project Description


Our customer wished to enhance their entry level product offering with an upgraded kitchen appliance without sacrificing their market position. Their goal was to improve their line with an increased level of customer features and options for a more sophisticated product series without major cost increases.


  • Customer required customized variable speed settings with the addition of four specialized fixed program settings
  • A high level of customized program functionality was required for feature-rich user experience
  • Compact design was required for small household appliance product
  • Maintain and enhance share of entry level market

Services Performed

  • Provided customer programming during testing so engineering could customize software settings at will to optimize motor speed
  • Worked with customer to refine rotational torque haptics for enhanced feel and improved HMI experience for end user
  • Supported customer with additional development and manufacturing of motor control board


  • Ten position settings in compact design provided customer variable speeds with smooth rotation and distinct detent settings for multiple specific customized program settings
  • Development time to optimize motor speed for specific programs was greatly reduced
  • Single source supplier of components increased reliability while reducing number of suppliers purchasing and receiving had to manage
  • Affordable solution that provides customer high-end features for upgraded product line while maintaining a great deal of flexibility for future enhancements

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