Project Description


A plumbing fixture OEM sought a valve supplier for a new automatic faucet product. ODE won the project, and deliver both the valve and the electronics package with software to sense when to turn on and turn off the faucet.


  • Compact size
  • Automatic operation
  • LiON Battery operation
  • Mix hot and cold water

Services Performed

  • Mechanical and Electronic design
  • Thermoplastic materials selected for valve was cost effective
  • Brass material selected for base provide robust and reliable service
  • Circuit hardware and software development
  • Reliability and agency testing


  • ODE team delivered a compact, modular design
  • Motor control circuit provided exception performance and battery life
  • The OEM used this single design to create multiple product SKU’s
  • Separate battery module allowed easy maintenance and upgrades
  • Standard model with manual temperature mixing, automatic is an option

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