Project Description


Traditional smart meter vendors use crimp type wire to board connectors to translate signal and power. A smart meter customer needed a connector replacement with higher reliability and lower cost than their existing supplier.
ACES created a new design with their 51308 51309 series; an Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) style disconnectable connector which offers subminiature size and reliable contact construction for high density applications.
This connector has a positive locking feature when mating to headers including an audible click/tactile feedback when properly mated.
This uniquely constructed single row contact is easily inserted into the housing with low insertion force.


  • Needed a positive locking feature for high reliability in extremely small sizes
  • Low cost
  • Avoid any potential patent issues
  • Needed a simple IDC process that does not require dedicated tools

Services Performed

  • ACES used IDC design instead of traditional crimp type wire-to-board and fulfilled customer’s demand for high reliability and low cost
  • Offered reliability testing report
  • Set up autonomous manufacturing production line


  • Autonomous production provides shorter product lead time
  • New design provides clear tactile click and easy mating
  • Mating is guaranteed with positive locking feature
  • Simple IDC process that does not require dedicated tools

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