Project Description


A DNA marine products customer needed a method to install new sounding transducers without having to re-install the entire cable run. The device must support 10 conductors, be waterproof and easy for users to install in a boat, perhaps in tight quarters.


  • Standard inline connectors require either crimping or soldering; assuming skills and tools the normal boat owner may not have.

Services Performed

  • SGconn already had an IP67, 6 conductor inline Cable Splice.
  • SGconn designed and tooled a 10 conductor IP67 cable Splice


  • The new 10 conductor Splice was not much larger than the 6 conductor Splice thanks to SGconn’s clever industrial design with a 2pc terminal block insert, allowing maximum use of internal space.
  • The new Splice uses the same hex wrench tool for set screw terminals as the 6 conductor model. One tool is shipped with each unit, so that’s all the end user needs to buy.

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